A quiet one-story inn surrounded by cherry blossoms, zelkova, and bamboo grove, which is built on the site of an elementary school where old-fashioned bales remain.

Konoura Onsen "School Nest" is a hot spring inn built on the site of "Otake Elementary School" from 1897 to 1980.
A one-story, quiet house surrounded by cherry blossoms and bamboo grove.
The statue of Kinjiro Ninomiya, who was in elementary school, will welcome you.

Please use it as a base accommodation for sightseeing and leisure, as a rest and hot spring, and as a place to relax at meetings and banquets.
We also welcome accommodation and use for business and work.


School Nest is an inn for middlemen of the Akita Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative.
We are proud of the fresh fish dishes of Konoura Port.
In addition to Akita Yuri beef and Hinai chicken, special products such as Mt. Chokai, Maekawa, Otake area and other neighboring areas such as long onion, long potato, northern limit of Ichijiku, and Koshihikari rice will be delivered.

Akita Yuri Beef Sukiyaki

Fresh fish dishes at Konoura Port

13 meals (with live abalone and Yuri Akita beef)

12 meals (with Yuri Akita beef)

11 meals (Hinai chicken porcelain plate)

9 meals (easy plan)

Facilities in the hall

Dining venue Great hall

6th grade 1 group Japanese-style room 12 tatami mats with massage chair (capacity: ~ 5 people)

5 years 3 groups Japanese-style room 8 tatami mats (capacity: ~ 3 people)

Japanese-style room 8 tatami bed type (capacity: ~ 3 people) * Japanese-style room 8 tatami bed type (capacity: ~ 3 people) * If you add, you can use futon

Dining room

5 years 3 groups Japanese-style room 8 tatami mats (capacity: ~ 3 people)

Massage room

Building Wooden one-story house, black tile mushroom, gassho-zukuri, site 2,500 tsubo
Accommodation rooms [16 rooms in total] 8 Japanese-style rooms (8 tatami mats, with wide rim)
2 Japanese-style rooms (12 tatami mats, with wide green)
2 special rooms (10 tatami mats + 6 tatami mats, with wide green)
2 Japanese-Western style rooms (4 tatami mats, single bed, wide rim)
2 Japanese-Western style rooms (6 tatami mats, twin beds, wide rim)
* All rooms have washlet toilet and refrigerator
Hall Daiko Advertising: 60 tatami mats with stage (60 people)
Medium hall: 26 tatami mats (30 people)
It is also possible to sit in a chair.
Restaurant 2 Western-style rooms and 1 Japanese-style room (20 people in total)
Dining room Breakfast / lunch / ta meal (40 chairs)
Meals only are also available.
Big bath Sulfur hot springs for both men and women
Radium mineral spring, sulfur water bath (40 people each)
Facility Loppy, souvenirs, shops, local vegetable sales, microwave oven, massage room, photo gallery, vending machine, washing machine, dryer (charged), Wi-Fi
Parking Lot 50 units (free)
The shuttle bus is also available.

Hot spring introduction

Sulfur mineral spring that is gentle on the skin and special natural monument "Hokutolite rough" "Radium mineral spring"

Konoura Onsen has long been called "Sulfur Yachi Onsen" and has been very prosperous since the early Showa period with a private spa.
According to the spring quality analysis, sulfur hot springs have excellent medicinal properties, and they are also suitable for "recuperation springs" by the hot spring method and mineral spring test method, so they are designated as "hot spring treatment inns" by the Private Vitality Development Organization. Was also specified. This hot spring is very much appreciated by people with low back pain and neuralgia.

We also have a radium mineral spring of Hokutolite, which is rare in the world.
Hokutolite is produced in only two places in the world, Hokutolite Onsen in Taiwan and Tamagawa Onsen in Akita Prefecture, and is a rare mineral. It was designated as a natural monument in 1918, and was also designated as a special natural monument in 1952, and collection is prohibited by law.
(The Hokutolite of this facility uses the one collected before the designation)


Neuropathic pain, lower back pain / cardiovascular disease such as arteriosclerosis (hypertension, arteriosclerosis, terminal circulation wear, etc.) / Rheumatic neurological disease (rheumatism, gout, motor disorder, etc.) / Diabetes Liver metabolism disease (diabetes, etc.) / Skin diseases (atopy, itching, smoldering, eczema, etc.) / Gynecological diseases (chronic genital inflammation, menstrual abnormalities, infertility, etc.)

Spring quality

Simple sulfur cold spring (hypotonic, neutral, cold spring)
Amount of spring 117 liters per minute

Rate plan

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One-day bathing 500 yen

※ The hall was opened in April. Anyone can use it.
※ Discount coupons (10-time ticket 4,000 yen, 20-time ticket 7,500 yen) and if you register as a stamp member, you can get a one-time bathing service with a seven-time bathing stamp.
※ From 6:00 am to 8:30 pm

Day trips, banquets, dinner parties

From 5 to 60 people
Cooking 3,300 yen (10 items), 4,400 yen (12 items) per person

※ From 10:00 am to 16:00 pm
※ Room charge, bathing service, and drinks are not included.

Celebration / Buddhist affairs

Cooking 3,300 yen, 5,500 yen per person
7,700 yen